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Stacy Washington is the host of the Stacy on the Right Show, broadcast on 97.1 FM News Talk KFTK every Saturday from 5-7 pm out of St. Louis Missouri.  Stacy is also a member of the Project 21 National Advisory Council of the National Center for Public Policy Research. Stacy is an Emmy Nominated TV personality, highly sought after speaker and radio guest commentator; sharing her conservative opinions nationally via television and radio. Stacy is the regular fill in host for nationally syndicated radio shows The Dana Show and The Sam Sorbo Show.  Stacy provides weekly commentary for The Allman in the Morning Show, The Sam Malone Show , The Sam Sorbo Show, The Willow Majority, Cam & Company on NRA News, FTR Radio and many others.

Stacy has appeared on Fox News, The Blaze, PBS, RT TV, Al Jazeera, HuffPost Live, and a host of network tv stations.  Stacy co-hosted the syndicated online radio podcast He Said, She Said: with Demetrius & Stacy Wednesday nights on CDNews Radio. Past guests include: Monica Crowley, Michelle Malkin, Kurt Schlichter, Alfonzo Rachel, Congressman Broun and Tony Katz.

Stacy writes for Townhall.com and has written for Freedom Works, Townhall Magazine, On the CultureConservative Daily News,  Big Journalism, Family Events, The Beacon and many other publications online and print.

Recent radio and television appearances:

  • Radio Appearance: January 2, 2015, Rocky D, Rocky D Show, WQSC – Charleston; Topic: race relations in 2014 and what 2015 may bring
  • Radio Appearance: January 3, 2015, Tony Powers, Powers to the People Show, WNRR – Augusta; Topic: John Boehner; measles outbreak in CA and Midwest; vaccinations and health
  • Radio Appearance: February 3, 2015, Tony Powers, Powers to the People Show, WNRR – Augusta; Topic: President Obama’s executive order for amnesty to illegal immigrants; measles outbreak and vaccinations, herd immunity; Rand Paul and Chris Christie comments
  • TV Appearance: February 25, 2015, One America News Network , Rick Amato, Rick Amato Show; Topic DHS funding and immigration problems; illegal immigrant criminals released free to roam; Al Sharpton’s lawsuit
  • TV Appearance: February 25, 2015, RT, Thom Hartmann, Thom Hartmann Show; Topic: West Virginia bill in state legislature that would make it a felony to enforce Obamacare; DHS funding and immigration, terrorism, leftist fear mongering; net neutrality and upcoming FCC regulations
  • Radio Appearance: March 3, 2015, Tony Powers, Powers to the People Show, WNRR – Augusta; Topic: speech by Israeli PM Netanyahu to Congress this morning; reactions about Iran nuke deal; Obama Administration response
  • Radio Appearance: March 3, 2015, Frank Beckman, Frank Beckman Show, WJR – Detroit; Topic: Eric Holder threatening to sue town of Ferguson, MO for racial discrimination, legal process. Consequences
  • Radio Appearance: March 12, 2015, Frank Beckman, Frank Beckman Show, WJR – Detroit; Topic: Ferguson shooting; 2 cops shot by protestors during protest at police headquarters following resignation of police chief
  • Radio Appearance: March 12, 2015, Eddie Fingers and Tracy Jones , Eddie and Tracy Show, WLW – Cincinnati; Topic: Ferguson shooting; 2 cops shot by protestors during protest at police headquarters following resignation of police chief
  • Radio Appearance: March 12, 2015, Chad Groening, American Family Radio Network – syndicated; Topic: Ferguson shooting; 2 cops shot by protestors during protest at police headquarters following resignation of police chief
  • Radio Appearance: March 16, 2015, Bob Dutko, The Bob Dutko Show, WMUZ – Detroit ;Topic: Ferguson shooting; 2 cops shot by protestors during protest at police headquarters following resignation of police chief
  • Radio Appearance: March 17, 2015, Tony Powers, Powers to the People Show, WNRR – Augusta; Topic: Eric Holder and DOJ investigation of Michael Brown shooting;

23 thoughts on “Home

  1. Stacy, Would you speak to our club some Friday afternoon or Thursday evening in the next month? We meet at noon every Friday except the 4th Thursday and we meet at 6 PM. We would pay for your lunch/dinner. Our website is http://www.metroeastpachy.org/ and we are just across the river from you. Let me know as soon as possible to get a date to speak to us. Thank you and have a great day!!


  2. Heard you on the radio tonight (12-24-15) for the first time.
    Just excellent. You’re witty and fast. Without pause words.
    That one hour drive just flew by because you are so good on the radio.


  3. My admiration for you is a perhaps best underscored by the fact that I am a married, middle-aged, white, male, educated, conservative, retired military officer. In other words, I think you are hot in all the important ways, and even in a superficial way. Our nation needs more conservative black women. Your voice will be heard where others will not.

    Thanks for what you do. I’ll tell Rush to add you to the line up.



  4. We saw you on Newsmax tonight
    I did not know of you.
    You are very clever.
    We appreciated your insight and wisdom.
    You have a bright future.

    Thank you,
    Eric Mcallum


  5. Stacy, Our conservative Farm is all about the same things you espouse, especially Personal Responsibility in caring for our animals, our customers, our employees, family and our land. We would like to ask if you would consider being a spokesperson – record radio ads for our local, drug free Beef farm called Crooked Creek Beef. We have previously done some advertising on 97.1 and have personally met with Randy Tobler at the farm here prior to those ads a couple of years ago. A visit to the farm with family (especially kids) at this time of the year will bring you face to face with many new joyful faces in the pasture (Spring Calving time!) We are just outside of St. Louis County near Six Flags. Very flexible on visit days/times. Believe it may be hard to be some sort of spokesperson if you have never seen the place.

    I welcome a call from you if you wish to learn more. I will also understand if the time is not right for you.

    We appreciate your consideration. You can see more about our farm at http://www.CrookedCreekBeef.com but nothing beats looking at those new spring babies from a few feet away in the green green pastures of a MO Spring day.


  6. Having heard your whining on WLW with the fascist Bill Cunningham I have to wonder why you don’t spend your energy on securing chefs an dietitians for every American school with our tax money instead of wasting it on your jealousy toward the wealthy ? Why don’t you fight to end private schools and strive for equality in education ? In European countries all schools have chefs, children receive table service 3 days per week and family style 2 days where students serve each other. The students eat from real plates with real utensils instead of Styrofoam and plastic. What we consider food for our children is not food but garbage, literally. Why do these countries do as they do? Because they care for each other and will not accept less. The right wing is not going to ever reach for what the people deserve and the people will not stand up because in majority they are blind to the world . I know that you will be closed minded to this challenge, I challenge you to watch a new documentary called “Where To Invade Next?”. This will save you research time and introduce you to a world practice on law enforcement, drug problems, education, school meals; labor benefits and women in politics. I want you to experience what could give you an exciting platform based on citizens caring about one another. The program is on dvd and easily accessible. Be a leader not a lock stepper . Many Blessings .


    1. Well, I’m aware of what children get in socialist countries having grown up on Germany and traveled all over the world. Instead of trying to turn us into Europe, why don’t you move there instead? If Americans wanted European socialism we would have it. I think you ar the whiner. If your ideas are so fantastic sell them and implement them. Insulting me on my blog hasn’t advanced your failed ideas one iota.


  7. I just saw your heartfelt video on Facebook. Amen, amen, amen! I wish our President would say just half of what you are saying. He could have done so much good for our country and especially black people. Stacey for President!


  8. investigation of police shootings might be better handled by an independent board or group or agency just as plane crashes are investigated. Their decision could then be used to pursue further action of a grand jury or other means. I think body cameras would do so much to protect the police from false accusations and be a great learning tool to improve policing.


  9. I heard you for the first time on Vicki McKenna’s show [WIBA Madison, WI – Vicki’s my buddy]. You are one incredible lady, and an excellent voice for the conservative American. I am glad to have you advocating for folks like me: Christian, conservative, constitutionalist, retired cop, Second Amendment proponent.


  10. Wow. I am so impressed with your views on WLW in Cincinnati today. I see why your a successful woman, you have an open mind and see things the way they really are. I enjoyed listening to you and wish you the best in everything you do in the future.


  11. Your CNN appearance tonight was awesome! Proud of your ability to be rational and defend yourself against Kierna Mayo, who seems to only be able to argue based on emotional smackdown language.


  12. Stacy is a auntie Tom. I hope you don’t have any children if so I truly feel sorry for them. Somewhere in your life you lost your identity.


      1. Helen is intolerant of the opposing view. She can’t debate the policies of Hillary Clinton so she’s insulting me. Which is irrelevant. I don’t know if she’s even a real person.


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